Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The final push!

After what seems like a very long time the final push is on, Having had problems with finding the correct parts and good British materials, shop moving, examination of paper work and so on we are all pushing towards the final goal. We felt that to be fully prepared would take another year, so with regret we have left the 2012 season behind and instead we are looking forward to a well prepared honest record speed attemp in 2013. This blog will now be updated with the on going build and speed trials so stay tuned!

Our intentions were always going to be a true stab at the record and not just another outing so I  do hope this goes a little way to explain to our sponsors AVON and AMAL and to you all that have been so supportive over the last year to what has been going on with this project here at Barons.......

Thank you.....


5 into 4 doesn't go!

After modifications to the standard case, the 5 speed gear set will be installed.